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Book of the Week

LKT-SF Front Cover

Little Known Tales in San Francisco History

San Francisco grew from a tiny burg of 1,000 persons in 1848 to its present-day population of 825,863. The city was founded in 1776 when Spain built a fort at the … [Read More]

Historic Moments

Tommyknockers of Charter Oak Mine

The Tommyknockers

By Alton Pryor Gold miners were a superstitious lot, but none were more superstitious than the Cornish miners. The Cornish belief that certain supernatural powers protected their efforts was heartfelt and real. Belief can be a powerful force, … [Read More]

Seven Little Indians

They drew straws to see who would kill the babies. It was a fall day at an Indian encampment in the Tonto Basin of Arizona. Lined up on their cradleboards against a rock wall were seven little Apache babies. The weather was so nice, some babies … [Read More]

Death Ship

The Death Ship of the Platte River

Death Ship on the Platte River On the Platte River between Torrington and Alcova, Wyoming, a legend persists that a "Ship of Death” continues to sail upon the sometimes dangerous waters. The phantom ship is said to rise out of a … [Read More]

The Butterfly and the Pima Indians

The Pima Indians of Arizona consider the Great Butterfly (Cherwit Make) as the father of all men and animals. Cherwit Make translates into Earth Maker. According to the Pima legend, one day, a long time ago, the Great Butterfly descended from the … [Read More]